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Laser standard

  • Laser standard, 1-Mann-Jolle, Riss
Laser - a brand known by sailors worldwide. This simple one-person dinghy is refered to when someone speaks about the "Laser". But it is the name of the English shipyard that produces many other models in different sizes.
This dinghy has international significance because of its status as Olympic class. As one-design class the costs for regatta sailors are low. With a new boat from the shipyard you have the same material as every top athlete.The dinghy is simple, sporty and - although designed 30 years ago - still state of the art.
From 3 Beaufot onwards it is an excellent sports device to train your abdominal muscles. A neoprene suit is available in all sizes.

Laser standard is available in Weiden and in Rust.

Technical Data

ModelLaser Standard
Typeone-person dinghy
Length4,23 m
Width1,37 m
Weight81 kg
Sail area7,06 square meter