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This is the advanced course which follows the basic course. In the theory lessons we teach you all you have to know to attend the exam for the "BA-Binnen" (Inland waters licence - formerly known as A-licence). In the practical aspect you learn manouvers on dinghys which may also be used for yachts and keelboats- the inland waters licence gives you the permission to lead sailing boats of any size on inland waters aswell.

The sailing licence for inland waters

The inland waters licence (A-licence) is the equivalent of a driviers licence for sailing boats of any size on inland waters. In this course we practice manoevres, perfect our sail and weight trim and carry out what we have learned in theory. In this course you will learn how to do a yacht jibe and the "person over board"-manouvre. With the A-licence you also have the ability to rent a yacht with your friends. It is an optimal course to refresh your knowledge aswell!

German Book: Peter Günzl / SEGELN - Der neue Kurs € 22,-

Life jackets and oilskins are included.

Please bring with you:

Identification card for the exam, sunscreen, shoes that can get wet and spare clothing.

Examination Fees:

Theory € 15 (payment on-site)
Practical € 20 (payment on-site)
Fee for issuing the licence from the ÖSV: € 30 (payment by bank transfer)

Weekend Course

Course Days Sat. and Sun.
Volume 15 hours
Practice Sat. and Sun. from 10 am-1 pm and 3-6 pm
Theory Sat. and Sun. from 2 to 3 pm
Sat. from 6 to 7 pm
Exam (on the following Saturday) Free sailing 9-11 am, exam 11 am- 2 pm

Week course

Course days Mon. - Fr. (half day)
Volume 19 hours
Practice Mon. - Fri. from 2-5 pm
Theory Mon. - Thu. from 5 to 6 pm
Exam Friday 4-7 pm

3-day-course (Holidays)

Course days Sat., Sun. + holiday
Volume 18 hours
Practice 10 am-1 pm and 3-5 pm
Theory 2-3 pm
Exam Free sailing 9-11 am, exam 11 am- 2 pm

Short term course (2,5 days)

Course days Wed. noon to Fri. evening
Volume 18 hours
Practice Wed. 2-5 pm, Thu. and Fri. 10 am-1 pm and 2-5 pm
Theory Wed. and Thu. 5.00 - 7.30 pm
Exam Friday 4-7 pm

Price € 329,-

Minimum Number of participants: 5 individuals. If there are less participants the course is shortened and transformed into private lessons. 1 participant: 5 hours, 2 participants: 7 hours, 3-4 participants: 10 hours.

The entry into the water park is reduced for our customers.


Start Monday at 10 am. Graduation party on Friday at 6 pm after the exam.


Start Saturday at 10 am and take place every weekend from April to mid October.



Start Monday at 2 pm in Weiden.


On weekends during holidays we offer 3-days-classes:


The Course takes place in Weiden and in Rust. In July and August the course takes place every week in both stations. On weekends however it alternates between Weiden and Rust.


Start End Days Location
28.07.    - 30.07.21 Wed-Fr (Short Course)
25.09.    - 26.09.21 Sa-Su (Weekend Course)
02.10.    - 03.10.21 Sa-Su (Weekend Course)


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For those who mainly sail with our boats and catamarans or attend our courses and want to rent one of our boats afterwards, our VIP- and FAMILY-cards are a good choice. Surfers prefer taking a block of 11 tickets or a season card. When three or more family members attend a class we offer a discount of € 15 for each day and participant. Our 2-class-package - is also very popular - you can save € 30 when attending a second course within one season.
The discounts cannot be combined.

We can gladly assist you on-site or by telephone/email to find out which option is favorable for you!


Customer card with a credit of € 600 - at a price of € 550 (8 % discount)


Customer card with a credit of € 1000 - at a price of € 900 (10 % discount)

VIP- and FAMILY-Cards are not accepted for yacht charter, summercamp and action weeks on lake Neusiedl.


When three or more family members attend a class we offer a discount of € 15 for each day and participant.

2 Course-PACKAGE

If you decide to attend the basic class and the sailing licence "A" in the same season, we offer you a discount of € 30 on the second course.

SURF-Season Card

Beginner (Board + Rig)   € 299,-
PRO-Material (Board + Monofilm sail)   € 549,-
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