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School Sport weeks

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Even in spring Lake Neusiedl warms up quickly because of it being so shallow. Also the Pannonian climate contributes to the ideal mix for water sports. When the winter season starts in other regions of Austria, the summer begins at our stations. Even schools from Carinthia are our guests. The perfect wind conditions around the lake make sailing and surfing courses the first choice for your pupils. The tennis course is an alternative for students who do not want to do watersports. With the sailing or surfing basic licence (min. 20 course hours) you can rent sports equipment even abroad. Parents can see how their kids have progressed even outside of school!


18 hour course (including Theory) Including script, oil skins and life vests. Please bring with you: stable shoes that may get wet.

We sail with crews of 3 - 4 pupils. Maneuvering, training with course marks and excursions support the team spirit. At the end of the course the students can acquier the Basic Sailing License (supported issuing fee €18,-)


18 hour course (including Theory) Including script and wetsuite. Please bring swimsuite and towel.

Balance and body control are major parts of our training. Due to lots of fun and direct contact to water this sport is so attractive. At the end of the course the students can acquier the Basic Windsurfing License (supported issuing fee €18,-)



18 hours mix of attractive outdoor activities.

  • > Beachvolleyball
    > Slackline
    > Stand Up Paddling
    > Group games
    > Competitions
    > Paddling boat excoursions
    > Frisbee
    > Adventure Swimming Pools
    > Reed excoursions with our electric boat