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YACHT CHARTER / Insurances


equipped for any eventuality

Safety for booking and payment, possible liability of the rented yacht, costs for cancellation due to illness, responsibility of the skipper for his or her crew - that are the main risks in yacht charter.

Since the bankruptcy of the company "Blue Balu" in Croatia there is an awareness for these issues. We have not worked with this company because of good reasons. To protect yourself against this risk you can take a charter price contingency insurance, that we offer with an online discount of 2 %. You are safe with us. Our Partner is EIS - European Insurance Services based in Berlin.

Charter Price Contingency Insurance

Everyone knows the feeling to make a down payment and not knowing if you receive the service afterwards. To avoid that this clouds your anticipation EIS-Insurance has developed an Charter Price contingency insurance for the charter business.

This insurance covers the loss of the legal right of repayment of the charter price or the proportional costs because of non-fulfilment of the charter company.

The insurance company pays for 100 % of the charter price and pays additional costs for flights and higher charter prices up to 1.500 Euro per trip.


Charter Deposit Insurance

Every experienced skipper knows, that the harmony of the crew is disturbed quickly, when someone causes a damage and every member is asked to pay for it. It does not matter how much the crew agreed at the beginning of the trip, when it comes to payment of a damage they are likely to disagree. Because of this reason we recommend you a Charter Deposit Insurance.

The insurance covers the withholding of the depostit of a charterd yacht against all risks, that the yacht is confronted with during the charter.

Extended Skippers Liability Insurance for private skippers

As skipper of a yacht you do not own yourself you enjoy the trust of your crew and of the owner of the yacht. Your competence and responsibility is a requirement for this task.

The extendes skippers liability insurance covers claims against you and even false claims.

Cancellation Insurance

We recommend a cancellation insurance for every trip because the charter prices can be considerable.

The insurance company covers the risks when you cancel your trip, e.g. because of job loss, heavy illness, an accicent, death, immunisation incompatibility, pregnancy or damage of property and pays the cancellation fees less deductible specified in the contract (min. 25,00 Euro).