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Perfection Course (Sailing)


Based on the knowledge from the licence A course you learn trapeze sailing and the handling of the colourful royal sail - the spinnaker. The content of the course depends on the wind conditions and your prior knowledge. In short theoretical units we deepen your understanding for sailing phyisics.

Our perfection course is held in form of private lessons - date and lessons after agreement!

Spinnaker- and trapeze sailing

On "Laser 16"-dinghys you practice coordinated movements while trapeze sailing. At light winds we set the spinnaker and bring our boat into slinding. You need to master all manouvres that you have learnt at the basic and licence A-course to attend the perfection course.
It is an ideal course for passionate sailors and boat owners who spend their vacation without their own equipment.

If necessary we provide you with oilskins or a neoprene suit.

Please bring with you: Sunscreen, neoprene shoes (or shoes with anti-slip soles that may get wet)


The entry into the water park is reduced for our customers.

Our perfection course takes place in form of private lessons - dates and lessons by arrangement!


We are glad to assist you. In a personal conversation we will find the best solution for your needs - just call us!


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This is why we offer discounts that go easy on your budget.
For those who mainly sail with our boats and catamarans or attend our courses and want to rent one of our boats afterwards, our VIP- and FAMILY-cards are a good choice. Surfers prefer taking a season card. When three or more family members attend a class we offer a discount of € 15 for each day and participant. Our 2-class-package - is also very popular - you can save € 30 when attending a second course within one season.
The discounts cannot be combined.

We will gladly assist you on-site or by telephone/email to find out which option is favorable for you!


Customer card with a credit of € 700,- at a price of € 650,- (8 % discount)


Customer card with a credit of € 1100,- at a price of € 990,- (10 % discount)

VIP- and FAMILY-Cards are not accepted for yacht charter, summercamp and action weeks on lake Neusiedl.


When three or more family members are attending a class we offer a discount of € 15 for each day and participant.

2 Course-PACKAGE

If you decide to attend the basic class and the sailing licence "A" in the same season, we offer you a discount of € 30 on the second course.

SURF-Season Card

Beginner (Board + Rig)   € 349,-
PRO-Material (Board + Monofilm sail)   € 639,-
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