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Boat- and Surf-rental

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If you want to stay flexible, do not want to care about mantainace, storage and berth - our rental in Weiden and Rust at the Lake Neusiedl provides well mantained equipment from different brands such as; LASER, TOPKAT, HOBIE, NAISH, STARBOARD, F2, BIC, FRAUSCHER and SUNNY. You can spend your valueable leisure time on the water or with a drink on our sunny terrace - we will take care of everthing else.
If you come frequently consider our VIP-Card or FAMILY-Card.

Rental - prices

. hour 4 hour day
LASER 16 39,- 117,- 195,-
LASER (single-hand) 29,- 87,- 145,-
Catamaran HOBIE 15 39,- 117,- 195,-
Catamaran TOPKAT K1/K2 49,- 147,- 245,-
OPTIMIST / OpenBIC 19,- 57,- 95,-
Spinnaker fixed rate   30,-  
Surfboard without rigg 16,- 48,- 80,-
School rigg 12,- 36,- 60,-
Pro-rigg (Monofilm) 16,- 48,- 80,-
SUP-board 15,- 45,- 75,-
Paddel boat single 15,- 45,- 75,-
Paddel boat tripple 19,- 57,- 95,-
Pedal boat 19,- 57,- 95,-
Electric boat 25,- 75,- 125,-

For our 4-hour-flat-rate you pay 3 hours, for the whole-day-flat-rate you only pay 5 hours.
Wetsuit, sailing gear, life jacket and trapez are inclusive.
The 11-hours flat-rate includes one free hour.

You are a frequent surfer? Maybe the following offer meets your demands:

Whole-season WINDSURFING - Beginner

You can use our school boards and school riggs as much as you like.
€ 349,-

Whole-season WINDSURFING - PRO

Take our PRO equipment  whenever you want - different sizes of boards and riggs are available.
€ 639,-

Terms of use:

You use our boats and boards on your own risk. You are liable for damages.
Rescue missions with the rescue boat are charged with € 70,- every  half hour (Boat + driver).